Brand Name

GALLANT HD: SAE 40 & 50: The Gallant HD motor engine oil which comes in SAE 40 and SAE 50 is a superior quality heavy-duty Mono Grade lubricants for diesel engine. It’s formulated from premium virgin base oil, enhanced with advance additives to offer best possible lubrication. It assures excellent protection against high temperature engine deposits, oil degradation and shield engine parts from frictions and wears.


GALLANT HD SAE 40 & SAE 50 is suitably recommended for use in a mixed fleet of automotive diesel trucks both light and heavy trucks, in passenger buses on highways and also off highways i.e constructions, mining, quarrying, agriculture and diesel generating set.


  • Reduced oil consumption
  • Excellent protection against rust and corrosion
  • Outstanding engine cleanliness and wear protection
  • High fluidity at low temperature
  • Good oxidation stability


  • 1 Litre
  • 4 Litres
  • 25 Litres
  • 205 Litres